Tibi Boutique - Steve Blatz
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Tibi Boutique


Tibi showcases its 2200 square foot flagship SoHo boutique. The brand is known for its 70’s-inspired, bold print textiles, and the design for the shop’s interior is inspired by the decorative prints that are emblematic of the brand. Two folded canopies with a green and black botanical motif hover within the traditional SoHo white box space. The sculpted forms of the canopies create an entrance arch visible from the storefront window that draws shoppers into the boutique. The front canopy floats above the floor fold down along the sidewall, incorporates the customer service desk, and then swoops back up to the ceiling. Both canopies fold in the top area; lowering the overall ceiling height, these folds minimize the prospective effect of the long open space of the plan and create the perception of different shopping areas in the boutique. A facetted pale green display wall floats along one wall of the boutique and wraps itself along the stairs to the lower level that houses the pattern room.